Muhammad Riyaz Islamabad

I have been a hash and cigarettes addicted for more than 5 years
My family brought me to Islamabad Rehab and Caring Center for getting me For detox It has been more than a month since My treatment started here. I have feel much better now. We have regular therapy sessions with a professional psychologist and checkup with psychiatrists the staff is quite cooperative. The food really really good and tasty moreover, we have daily classes in which we learn about addiction and how to overcome it.
Our Psychologist Madam Lubna Sajid has tought 12 steps program to over addiction. These steps apply not only for addiction but also for other personal and professional matters in real life.
I have no craving of cigarettes as cigarettes are not allowed in this rehab. I have been to other rehabs in pakistan and abroad, where limited somking was allowed. If I compare my experience here with previous rehab there are the follwing advantages:
1) I have quit Somking which is a gateway to hash. I have no Craving to Somke
2) Food is batter than other Rehabs.