Kaleem Malik USA

I am here for my drug addiction. I am from newyork, This is my first treatment and INSHAALLHA my last treatment. Because in this treatment I had the best professional help, I was addicted. To METH and HERION. It took over my life, but now I been sober for 6 Month , Living the drug free life I came to Islamabad Rehab and caring center for my treatment, and its been my best Experience I pray 5 TIMES a day now, I been to other rehab centers But I didn’t Get 100% help from their, But this Isalamabad Rehab and Caring Center there team, of Doctors, Help me so much , The medicine work so good, it was surpiring for me to see now much they care, for there Patients, I’m living drug free life now, I will came for my follow Up’s, I suggest everyone to seek professional help if looking for Recovery.