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The Islamabad Rehab has acted as the ultimate solution in the field of addiction treatment, and known as the best drug treatment Islamabad center. We provide you and your loved ones with some best and most highly personalized alcoholism treatment, drug rehab, and addiction recovery services.
At our Islamabad Rehab center we are proud to provide extremely perfect rehab services across Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We try our best to combine comfort and luxury, with a comprehensive program of therapy and treatments for various drugs addiction. People treating themselves with full courses are statistically far more likely to succeed in their lives than those who go for long-term care.
Our growing network of top tier alcohol and drug rehabs clinic Islamabad includes executive treatment and luxury rehabilitation options, allows you to overcome your problem as soon as possible.
Searching for addiction rehabilitation clinic Islamabad centers for you or your loved one is as easy as clicking a button or you can speak about your problem over the phone.​

Best Addiction Treatment Center In Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Welcome to Islamabad Rehab & Caring Center, where we believe in the power of Change With Nine Years, jenever we stand for those searching for a good place. Our dedicated team of professionals is commitment to healing and to make like new. We understand that every journey is unique, and that’s why we provide customized evidence-based treatments in a nurturing and compassionate environment. At Islamabad Rehab Center, we don’t just aim for recovery; we aim for lasting, meaningful change. Explore our world-class facilities, meet our experienced team, and join us in the pursuit of a brighter, addiction-free future at a scread of healing and transformation. We stand apart as a beacon of hope, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to addiction recovery.

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Dr. Nadeem Ahmed Bajwa
F.C.P.S Physiatrist
Dr. Ammar Yasir
M.B.B.S (R.M.P)
Dr. Saadat Ali
M.B.B.S, (R.M.P)
Dr Saad Ali Khan
Lubna Sajid
Saima Khan
Maryam Bibi