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Emergency Help in Psychiatric Crisis

If your struggling with mental or emotional issues and your problem gets worse,
Day by day and you are getting out of control and alone fighting with emotional health issues so don’t be sad your not alone when at your home you and someone else using drug or suffering serious mental health issues do not wait more your problem getting severe you can not get rid of this without mental health professional . you’re health is very important we care about your mental health we are to treating your problems ask for help where you need to overcome your mental health is our first priority . in some crisis you need professional help or you’re worried someone you know is in big trouble help is available. It’s important to ask for help and get rid of the problem as soon as possible . take a right decision on right time . Symptoms of psychiatric illness can be severe day by day if you do not take serous the condition get worse.

.sometimes you need emergency help when your loved one threating or going to self harm in this situation you can not deal with him . in emergency you can contact us where your feeling your in crises you can not deal in such situation during suicide attempt , violent behavior at home , your loved one involved in some legal issues . or your emotionally hurting or can not manage crises. , we can take steps to help control mental health crises and emergencies. There may be times when you have to deal with aggressive behavior, our time safe the patient and family both . Crisis and emergency situations are often is very stressful mind where stuck and freeze you can not take step in worried situation you just make a call at Islamabad rehab and caring center our services is 24 hours open for emergency and we are ready to 24 hours for managing crises .
When you need for help
Warning Signs
Fighting with family on rare things
Talking about death or suicide.
Pre-occupation with death.
Alcohol and drug misuse.
Low self-esteem.
Break-up of relationship.
Changes in behaviour.
Previous history of suicide attempts or family.
Self-loathing or self-hatred.
Getting affairs in order.
Social isolation.
Self-destructive behaviour.
Sudden sense of calm or appearing very up-beat following a period of depression.
Get Help! If you need help, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.