Islamabad Rehab and Caring Center is the location -of-the-realm bent for Alcohol and substance use and mental health treatment institution in Pakistan . Our services include the rehabilitation center knack , therapy services, psychiatrist consultation services, and crisis management, Relationship management , Rebounding and new connection build up . Islamabad rehab has skilled full staff, trained and experienced team member . trained nursing staff they get special training in rehabilitation care and know about crises management . We have two medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, trained clinical Psychologists, , case manager and Addiction Counselors, Islamabad rehab has Spiritual therapist , Fitness expert and yoga therapist for the take care of out patient fitness . they are well trained and also convey substantial grip by being involved in research and specialization in field of study .our services are valid our tools bias on research we make our plan through recent research funding’s . our therapy and procedure is100% bias on scientific method .

We are providing top level care and intervention you get away your addiction request to fill the form mention below For more information request for appointment or make a call on mention numbers .


H # 2, Block-E, Soan Avenue, Near PSO Pump, Soan Garden, Islamabad



+92 333 6954507+92 051 5428137

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